Kadavu to Beqa Lagoon

Week beginning Monday 26 August 2019

In Daku Bay, we went out for dinner with our friends. We were picked up by the resort and had to drop some local ladies home to their village.

At the resort, we went to the bushes and found some lovely smelly stuff to eat. It was lovely in the garden.

We had dinner. There was all of this delicious stuff. I liked the build-your-own burgers. I liked the rice as well, it was fried rice with lots of vegetables. I liked mostly the carrot.

We went out to the surf with our friends. The dads surfed and the mums stayed and took photos of their husbands and snorkelled. We were playing Lego on our boat. There was a shark hunting when we were playing on the line off the back of the boat, so Malia had to pull me in really fast because I was in the water. I didn’t see the shark. I didn’t know why she pulled me in so fast.