Mamanuca Island

Week beginning Monday 7 October 2019

We were going to make cookies at the resort, but we couldn’t because there were too many people, so we made our own cookies at the Island Bar.

Willow and I had a sleepover with Isla and Lucy and Noah. We watched a movie, but I was sad when Mummy and Daddy went, but when they came back I wanted to stay at the sleepover.  I had lots of fun. I slept in Lucy’s room with Lucy. Mummy and Daddy came back again in the morning.

We were playing a game called Mums and Dads in a tree.

It was Fiji Day and we ate dinner at the pool restaurant and there was a show after. I felt scared and excited when the men yelled “Rarrr” at us.

Isla and Lucy came on the boat for a ride to the surf. We all went skurfing, but Jack and Jayden and Daddy went surfing and the mums stayed home.