Beqa Lagoon to Coral Coast

Week beginning Monday 2 September 2019

We had a friend photo with our friends on RENEGADE because we were leaving them. We thought we were going to leave them for 6 months, but we saw them again a month later and played with them again.

Mummy and I went for a jog while Daddy and Willow kept swimming at the pool. We ran four kilometres. It was fun, but on the way back it was bad because my legs were hurting.

Daddy and I made a clock on the beach from shells, rocks, seaweed and mangrove seeds. We also made a dog, a cat, a mouse and a human from shells, rocks and seaweed. Mummy and Willow picked up clams on the beach for us to eat for dinner and it was Willow’s idea to get the clams.

Daddy and I went out to check the surf and it was pumping, but Daddy didn’t surf it because he was scared. Mummy surfed some waves at another place while Willow and I skurfed.