Mamanuca Islands

Week beginning Monday 23 September 2019

On Mana Island, we found a beetle and we called it Crystal, but Daddy didn’t go for a walk with us and he didn’t see the beetle.

Daddy and I stayed on the beach while Mummy and Willow went for a walk up the mountain. It was very high. I wanted to go but I had to stay down. Daddy and I did something else with each other, we went snorkelling, ate scotch finger biscuits and went for another swim. We did this at Tom Hanks’ island.

We took Kristy and Anthony and Zac and Josh for a ride on our boat to the surf at Cloudbreak. Kristy taught us how to make ‘chatter boxes’. It was fun going on a trip with Zac and Josh but they had a sleep on the way back.

Loads of kids came on board. My mum was really happy about it. We had Isla and Malia, Maya and Eva, and Tia, and two boys from another boat later on. 

Willow and I were watching a movie on my iPad while we were sailing between the islands.