Gisborne to Mercury Islands

Week beginning 22 April 2019

We went to Gisborne Tatapouri Fishing Club where we met new friends. Hazel and I had a rope from the boat so we played skipping and jumping with it.

Mum and Dad went on a bike ride together while Hazel and I were at a YMCA holiday camp. We made ANZAC poppies and went for a swim at a public pool.

When we were sailing in the Bay of Plenty to the Mercury Islands, we passed White Island, which is a volcano 48 km off New Zealand. Its last eruption was in 2001.

Just before we could see White Island there was an amazing rainbow behind us; sadly, it wasn’t a full one.

When we were in Coralie Bay we were surprised because we were the only catamaran in the anchorage, all the other boats were stink boats. That’s us in the far corner, and our tender is on the beach.

On the beach there was a little fresh water creek and Hazel and I built a strong bridge over it out of driftwood and rocks.

We met a stink boat family at Coralie Bay and played with the kids on the rocks but the little boy was three so he had to come down. He didn’t want to.

We rode in the tender to a special cove that we named ‘secret cove’ because you can only get into the cove through a small tunnel in a rock wall.

After the tunnel adventure we went to a beautiful beach where the water was crystal blue and the sand was pure white. There was an amazing rope swing that soared over the sand and my mum called me a ‘swing star’ when I swung on it. It was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. It was like in a dream.

My mum and I went for a walk on the hills around Coralie Bay. I climbed this big tree at the bottom of the hill near the beach while we waited for Dad and Hazel to pick us up in the tender.