Marlborough Sounds to Wellington

Week beginning 8 April 2019

After we sailed to Wellington we went to the noodle markets for dinner and ate dumpling skewers in ice-cream cones and gelato for dessert (mine was raspberry).

In Wellington there was a giant slide off a humongous lighthouse and the slide was very fast.

Hazel and I played with some very old phones at the Wellington Museum. Mum and Dad had these phones when they were little. You don’t press a button but turn the dial around with your finger.

At the Wellington City Gallery we saw Eva Rothchild’s work and this is what it looked like on either side; one green and white side, one black and white side.

The Te Papa museum had an exhibition called the Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality. The handle of this sword is made of gold and turquoise. The photo isn’t very good but it was my favourite piece.

This belt is made of the same material as the sword handle and looks similar.

My mum and I finally got to see the Terracotta Warriors, but only ten of them came to New Zealand; two of which were horses.

We rode on the cable car to the Space Place to see We are Aliens. I had a photo with an astronaut suit.