Marlborough Sounds

Week beginning 1 April 2019

Mum and I walked the Queen Charlotte Track to Ship Cove where Captain Cook visited five times between 1770 and 1777, so people built this monument for him. He only went to Australia once!

On my sister Hazel’s birthday we sailed to Lockmara Lodge with Nan and GrandJohn and saw this mother pig. Hazel thought she was very scary. If you look closely you can see Hazel hiding up against Nan. I was curious and a bit anxious. I didn’t know what the pig would do, but she turned out to be friendly.

When we got back to the boat it was time for Hazel’s birthday cake. Yum!!!

We went for a sleepover at Nan and GrandJohn’s rental house for the night, it was right on the water.

Nan and GrandJohn played with us for the day and we went on the merry-go-round and played mini golf.

We had to say bye-bye to Nan and GrandJohn because it was my cousin Freya’s birthday next so they had to go and celebrate with her.

We went to Picton library almost everyday after Nan and GrandJohn left. For hours, we read books and Dad worked.