Astrolabe Reef to Suva to Astrolabe Reef

Week beginning Monday 5 August 2019

In Dravuni, Isla, Hazel, Malia and I all had ice creams for the first time in ages. My ice cream is the biggest because I took good care of it by licking it slowly.

We all had our favourite spots in the tree, and mine was the highest (obviously).

The Fijian ladies in the village baked custard pies and pizza to sell to the yachties, and that was our lunch!

I can climb coconut trees now and get coconuts down from high branches.

In Suva we went to the museum, but it was closed for renovation so we climbed the trees in the garden.

We bought some flowers at the market and they were the Bird of Paradise. Dad didn’t want them on the boat because we don’t have a vase. Mum bought them anyway because they were beautiful.

This is another supreme sunset.