Savusavu to Sau Bay

Week beginning Monday 1 July 2019

When we arrived at Paradise Resort, we had a swim off the boat in water that was 20 meters deep.

We went to shore at sunset and it was gorgeous looking over the pool to a wonderful sky of orange, pink, grey and blue. Isn’t the reflection in the water lovely?

At Paradise they had a table only for the kids and we met some new friends and got free icecream.

When we were having a swim, our friends on the next boat called us to say that there were dolphins so we jumped in the tender and rode off towards them but they didn’t want to play.

When our friends on the next boat were hanging out their washing, we told them there was a turtle so they stopped what they were doing and watched until it disappeared under the water.

The friend that we met on shore came to visit our boat and her name was Alexa. We had a picnic up on the front deck and a swim off the back of the boat.

We also played with Alexa in the pool at the resort.

We left Paradise and went to Viani Bay. Dad made a rope ladder so we can climb onto the trampolines and I was the first one to climb on it.

When Nana and Pa came we watched a movie Nana Pam has put together for Hazel about the first five years of her life.

The next day we went for a day trip on Taveuni Island. There was a big waterfall and underneath it was a cliff that you can jump off into the water.

We went to the date line and all stood over it, I have also been to the date line in London and it is exactly half way around the world compared to Fiji.

After the date line we went to the water slides and they were so much fun as you will see.

On the way back from dinner we held up the spotlight and WOW! What a pretty picture.