The Bay of Islands

Week beginning Monday 3 June 2019

In Russell there is a wall that is covered in lots of different succulents and Hazel and I found a pretty Hibiscus flower that we held in all sorts of positions (isn’t Hazel’s position funny?).

When we went to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds we were just in time for a tour and when we went on this tour we got to go inside the Carved Meeting House and watch some people sing and dance like their ancestors.

The Flagstaff is where a treaty (which is an agreement) was signed between the Maori chiefs and the British on 6 February 1840 about how New Zealand is managed and I thought it was about the British having more land. It all started because the escaped convicts from Australia were causing trouble in Russell. You can see a few little houses across the bay and that’s Russell, it used to be the capital of New Zealand, but now Wellington is the capital.

One morning Mum got up and said “We’re going to a school today for lunch and we might meet some friends to play with!” So we did and I met a friend who was seven that kept on saying to me: “Your mum said that I was not to let you out of my sight.” But my mum didn’t say this. Isn’t that funny?

The next day we went on a family bike ride on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail from Opua to Kawakawa; I got my own bike but Hazel had to share with Mum and Dad.

Most of the ride we did by bike (20km) but 5kms of it we went by steam train between Kawakawa and Taumaree.

Since it was a trail on an old train track there was an old train tunnel that cyclists could ride through. If they didn’t want to go through the tunnel, then they could ride over the hill. I went through the tunnel both ways.