Week beginning Monday 24 June 2019

At the park in Savusavu we made up a dance on the tyres. We also liked playing on the high slide and the swings. It had been a long time since we’d played in a park.

Dad gave me a freediving lesson. Freediving is like snorkelling, but swimming deep and holding your breath. You don’t need tanks and equipment like scuba diving. I liked it. It is good for checking anchors or moorings. Moorings are buoys with ropes attached to concrete blocks on the sea bed that you attach your boat to.

There was a gorgeous sunset one night that was reflected on the water.

We had haircuts and Hazel got a bob. It cost $25 for our whole family.

We went to the botanic gardens and pointed to our favourite plants, mine was this one. I liked it because of the colours – pink and yellow.

Savusavu is a beautiful town and I’ve got a movie to prove it. Mum took it while on a jog, but I also went up to the same spot on another day.

The cruise ship came to town and I counted 88 passengers on one of the dinghies not including all the crew and the driver.

Look at the line up to get onto the dinghies back to the cruise ship! At least they had entertainment.