Auckland to Dubai

Week beginning 6 May 2019

We were going to Cairo for Dad’s work and saying “Bye-bye” to MUSCAT 7 was hard, but we would see her again, and we could live with it.

On the ferry from Gulf Harbour Marina to Auckland the ferry wake waves and mooring ropes were way bigger than any I have ever seen.

We went up the Auckland Sky Tower and got a view of almost all of Auckland. The Sky Tower is 328m tall and took 2 years and 9 months to build, it opened on the 3rd of August 1997. We went to Level 51 (Observation Deck, 186m off the ground) and Level 50 (Sky Cafe, 182m off the ground). You can bungy jump from almost the top when you are ten, and I want to do it, but Mum says “No!” (but I will do it anyway if I can save up all my money).

We went to another planetarium in Auckland and I had another photo with another astronaut suit.

At the Auckland Zoo we saw some zebras…

…a porcupine…

…some baby tortoise in a ‘creche’…

…beautiful pink flamingos…

…a lion…

…three spotty giraffes feeding on some hay…

…and of course meerkats, funny little things aren’t they? They’re eating vegetables on the glass roof that we’re standing underneath (at least Hazel and I are standing, Mum isn’t, she is crouching, hee-hee).

An old lady came up to us while we were eating lunch and showed us this… what do you think it is? Have a guess (but don’t peek!) It’s…

…an elephant tooth! Wow! And Hazel and I got to hold it!

We went up the tallest tower in the world, ‘Burj Khalifa’ is its name, ‘Burj’ means ‘tallest tower’ in Arabic; and ‘Khalifa’ is the king of Dubai, so it means ‘tallest tower; king of Dubai’. Burj Khalifa is 828m tall and took 5 years and 10 months to build, it opened on the 4th of January 2010. We went to Level 124 and went outside on the outdoor viewing deck, and to Level 125 which is 456m off the ground. The lift goes three floors a second and took around a minute to reach the observation decks. It went so fast it didn’t feel like we were moving, but maybe if we could have seen out of a window it would have felt really fast (and I would have loved that but Mum would have felt sick in her tum). In peak season around 13,000 people visit every day, but because it was Ramadan and people were fasting there were only around 5,000 people visiting on our day. Though, the lifts were still squished up with people.

This is the view from the hotel pool. It is beautiful; isn’t it?

This is the view from Burj Khalifa, but we weren’t at the top, no, we were only on the 124th and 125th floors!

On the window of Burj Khalifa there are angel wings and if you stand in front of them it looks like you an angel.

It looks like Hazel and I are floating on a cloud but of course we’re not.

We went to the aquarium a saw two leopard stingrays.

We went to an underwater zoo and saw some glass fish that we thought were x-ray fish because their bodies looked like x-rays.

In one of the tanks we saw a yellow seahorse clinging onto a blue sea-worm with it’s yellow curly tail.

We rode on a water taxi from ‘New Dubai’ to ‘Old Dubai’ and they are very different places even though they are just across the river from each other. I liked them both.

In Old Dubai there were nice sculpture words and we picked our favourite words; mine was ‘LOVE’, Hazel’s was ‘KINDNESS’, and Mum’s, well she couldn’t choose between ‘RESPECT’ and ‘GIVING’, so she chose both.

It was Ramadan and you couldn’t eat or drink in public between sunrise and sunset. However, we were really really thirsty so we went into a shop that had the curtains closed across the glass so Muslim people could not see non-Muslims eating and drinking and we had milkshakes. Hazel had a strawberry milkshake, Mum had a vanilla milkshake and I had a mango milkshake. This was kind of our dinner. Delicious.

One thought on “Auckland to Dubai

  1. Oh Willow I love what you’ve written about your adventures!!! I can picture you giggling as you say you want to bungy jump and Mum saying ‘No!’… I’m with her no bungy jumping 😁 and while we are at it, I can’t believe you stood on that glass window/floor at the Burj Khalifa 😬 I miss you 😘 but I’m very pleased to hear about your travels. All those amazing animals, gorgeous sceneries and interesting people. What’s you favourite accent? I love accents. Stay safe and have loads of fun, Love Mrs Cederglad 💕

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