Cairo and Alexandria

Week beginning Monday 20 May 2019

When we went to the Children’s Museum we learnt about how Howard Carter found Tutankhamun’s tomb and this is what it looked like. We also saw a 3D projected movie of how excited Howard was when he found the tomb; and if I was the one who found the tomb I’d be pretty excited myself.

This is an example of what Tutankhamun’s mummy case looked like; it was golden and shiny like this one but the paint would have probably been worn out after all those thousands of years and the case would have been chipped too.

In the evening we went up the Cairo Tower to have dinner and the restaurant that we were at was spinning around so we didn’t have to walk around the restaurant to see the different parts of the city. It was at night so it was really beautiful with all the different street lights and lights inside hotels. Do you see that pink hotel in the middle of the photo? That’s our hotel that we were staying at.

We went on a ferry on the Nile and had an Iftar feast. Iftar is the meal at the end of the day during Ramadan when the Muslims break their fast. It was really exciting to see what the feast was going to be and this is what it was: Dad had all these piled up vegetables at the back of the picture, Hazel and I had pasta bake, rice, beef slices, chicken, more beef and onion, Mum had fish, rice, potato bake, vegetables, dips and a bread roll.

This is the view from the hotel veranda in Cairo.

And this is the view from the hotel in Alexandria. Do you see how different they are? My opinion is “They are very different even though they are both in Egypt!” If you see the water in front of the hotel in Cairo that’s the Nile River and the water in front of the hotel in Alexandria is the Mediterranean Sea.

We went to Children’s Museum again and knocked this temple down then built it back up again.

On our last night in Egypt, we went to teppanyaki and the chef made it really fun and interesting. One time he even spread oil on the hot plate and it burst into flames. He did this on purpose!