Cairo to Auckland via Muscat

Week beginning Monday 27 May 2019

We went to the pool in Muscat in the day time when the lazy river was going…

…and in the night time when the pool lights were on. I did a bit of underwater breastroke.

Playing on the bridge overlapping the lazy river on to the little island in the middle of the pool was fun.

This mosque is called the ‘Grand Mosque’ and we got to go inside it on our tour.

In the men’s prayer room there was this big chandelier in the middle of the room and the second biggest sewn carpet in the world. One picture is of the chandelier from the bottom view and one is from the side view with Mum and Hazel in it. The men’s prayer room was bigger and better than the women’s prayer room, isn’t that sad?

It was nice to be back in our home and to be in a bit of a cooler place than Egypt; but we still missed waking up to buffet breakfasts and swims in the hotel pool.

Luckily, when we were going shopping… there was a beautiful Hawaiian rainbow right near where we were walking and we weren’t even in Hawaii!