Dubai to Cairo

Week beginning 13 May 2019

In Dubai we went to this beautiful mosque called the Jumeirah Mosque and learned about Muslim people and their culture. Women have to cover their hair inside the mosque but girls don’t. We learned how to wash before prayer and Mum was an example.

At Dubai Theme Parks and Resorts it was too expensive to have buffet brekky at the resort so we bought our own things from the shops and had our own buffet brekky on the balcony.

At Legoland Waterpark Mum rented a cabana and if we went to any shop in the park we could get any soda we wanted without paying any more money for it; endless drinks come with the cabana.

You have to ride down this slide head first with your hands holding onto a handle at the front of a mat and you go really fast. It was quite steep so it felt like I was going fall off the mat, but it was fun.

We also went to Motiongate that evening. There is a ride that goes on real water and if you’re on the bad seat you get splashed and squirted with water coming out from all the scenery around the man made river, but luckily for us there were two other people on our boat and one of them sat on the bad seat and she got wet, not us.

The next day we flew to Cairo, the capital of Egypt. When we arrived at Cairo airport, Hazel said, “When I see Daddy I’m going to run and jump and cuddle him!” But Mum said, “Remember Hazel, Daddy’s not going to be at the gate, he’ll see us at the hotel.” But she was wrong because Dad was at the gate! When Hazel saw Dad she ran and she jumped and she cuddled him until he nearly passed out, but he didn’t. Phew!

We visited a bookstore in Cairo where there was a fake cardboard body of a mummy and I pretended to be it and tried to scare Hazel, but sadly I didn’t; sigh.

When we went to the Pyramids of Giza, Hazel and I rode on camels while Mum and Dad rode on horses; it was an amazing view from the camel and we were the highest people, it also was very bumpy and we nearly fell off, but we didn’t; phew!

Dad, Hazel and I went inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, but Mum stayed outside because she had done it 12 years ago when she went to Egypt as a backpacker. My opinion was this: “It was very beautiful, but steep and crowded.” Dad thought: “It was amazing.” Hazel thought: “It was pretty good but it was boring because people were squishing past me. Yeah it was uncomfortable.

The next day we went with a guide to some of the older and more unique pyramids and ruins at Dahshur, Memphis and Saqqara. My favourite pyramid was the ‘Red Pyramid’. It was built by the father of the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid at Giza. We went inside the Red Pyramid and this is my opinion: “It was very beautiful and interesting because of all the internal passageways.” This is Mum’s opinion: “I felt scared and claustrophobic crawling through the long tunnel but it was amazing inside when the rooms opened up.” This is Hazel’s opinion: “I think it was really nice climbing down the stairs because there were no people squishing though.” And this is Dad’s opinion: “The construction inside was spectacular.” Dad’s an engineer and interested in that sort of thing.

This pyramid is about a kilometer away from the Red Pyramid, it is called the ‘Bent Pyramid’. The Bent Pyramid is bent because they started building up at one angle and half way they realised it was too steep because the stones started to crack. Dad says this is because the steeper the angle the more pressure on the sides. You can see where they changed the angle.

At the museum in Memphis, the first capital of Egypt, I put my hand up to be a pretend mummy.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first people to make paper. They made it from the papyrus plant in fact and we got our names written in Hieroglyphic language on a piece. They forgot Hazel’s name and did Dad’s name twice. Sigh. Mum was angry.