Mamanuca Islands

Week beginning Monday 16 September 2019

One day during the Regatta there was a sandcastle building contest and this is what Hazel, Lucy, Isla and I made. The four little sandcastles were the four of us and there was a big castle with a moat around it and leaf and flower decorations…

On the last night of the Regatta there was a buffet dinner. There was a big smoked pig, but I don’t like pork so I ate lots of other things and the desserts were delicious. At the end of the night there were fireworks.

The day before Cheryl’s birthday she had a party on the sand bar, but she didn’t tell my mum it was her birthday party, so when we got home I told my mum and we made cards and gave them to Cheryl on her birthday.

RENEGADE came back and we were so excited to see them, we nearly squeezed the air out of one another.