march 2010: thailand

Thailand: Hawaii to Phuket (by air)


Phuket (Yacht Haven Marina) – Ao Phang Nya – Ao Krabi – Ao Nang/Railay – Ko Phi Phi Don – Phuket (Royal Phuket Marina & Boat Lagoon Marina)

Two new surf boards for the skipper

Board room… full

Fuel run

Guest looks happy…

Six things we have learned

1. Not all Thai men who run after you yelling and yahooing want to organise you a taxi. One man may want to return to you a credit card that fell out of your hand bag when you pulled out your sunglasses. [Note: Obviously the first mate still has some work to do about being more vigilant about the security of her personal property while walking around a town.]
2. Railay is not as pretty in March as it is in December. Or perhaps we had our beach beer googles on in December?
3. The first mate is an overreacting hypochondriac sook. She was in very poor form after being stung by a jellyfish while swimming to shore in Phang Nga Bay.
4. You will not regret getting someone else to do the anti-foul work on your boat. You will be much happier (and cleaner) supervising.
5. The 2010 wet season in Thailand began on 28 March, the day after the anti-foul/paint work on Zinc was complete. Phew.
6. The skipper’s conservative, passive, slow driving does not cut it in Phuket. He was abused, taken advantage of and dominated, including by a four year old boy driving a motorbike.

Mauled by a jelly fish

Sailing… reading… chatting… bliss

The skipper in ten years

Five of the best bits

1. The “suped-up” tender. 125 percent more engine power. New cover. New bumper. New surfboard racks. Yeow! 
2. Mr Chan and his crack work team. They rocked into Boat Lagoon Marina in their schmick doof-doof van – Thai techno music blaring, hats on backwards, bum cracks baring from funky hipster jeans – and set to work on Zinc. One week later they left Zinc looking good, very good. We highly recommend Mr Chan for any maintenance/repair/cleaning work you want done on a boat in Thailand. (Contact – mobile: +66 (0)815 370 518 email:
3. Our second “charter” for 2010: Phuket and sailing Phang Nga Bay with Laura, another perfect guest. We boom netted, fought jelly fish, penetrated a cave, scaled a mountain, swam, snorkeled, people watched, battled shore dumps in the tender and much, much more.   
4. Two new surf boards for the skipper. Purchased and transported to Zinc without the skipper lifting a finger… he had four lackeys working for him… 
*Nick on negotiation, purchase and pick up.
*John R on collection from Nick, packaging and transport to airport.
*Laura on collection from airport and transport from Brisbane to Phuket.
*The first mate on collection from Phuket airport and transport to Yacht Haven Marina.
*The first mate and Laura on transport along the docks to Zinc and handover to the skipper in Zinc’s cockpit.
5. Welcome on board Mango… the new spoodle… a mangy abandoned street kitten. She is the size of a mango and brilliant.


What are those things being worshiped?


… little…

… Mango

Four of the worst bits

1. Confused about on which side of the road to drive and walk. In the last six weeks we have been in Singapore (left); The Philippines (right); Hawaii (right); Thailand (left – except for some streets in Patong on which you must keep to the right!?)
2. Sweating. Ugh. Too hot even for us.
3. Living on board Zinc on the hard stand. 41 degrees in the saloon and galley. Hotter in the hulls. Dust, dirt and mess everywhere. We lasted two nights before moving to the marina resort for the rest of the week.
4. Injuries
The skipper
*Stomach bug – caught from the first mate.
*Mental disturbance – too much maintenance, too long spent in Thailand, no exercise.
First mate
*Jelly fish stings to left arm, left leg, right arm.
*Stomach bug – shared with the skipper.
*Mental disturbance – too much cleaning, too much provisioning, too hot, too long spent in Thailand, not enough exercise.

Zinc in the slings…

… on the streets of Phuket…

… tucked away in catamaran corner

Nature report

*Kittens. Three. Abandoned by their mother and looking for homes.
*Lightning storms. Four. March 28, 29, 30, 31 from 5pm to 6pm. The wet season has begun.
*Jelly fish. Swarms of the evil creatures.

Work site Zinc: group analysis of small important thing

Work site Zinc: group analysis of what appears to be a pencil

Work site Zinc: Mr Chan caressing his perfect paint job

Work site Zinc: tool organisation under Mango’s supervision

Work site Zinc: on a mission: get boat back in water

Surf report

No surf.

Suped-up tender? Check. Farewell Thailand…

Dive report

*Ko Phi Phi Don Snorkelling: Ao Lo Dalum (Surprisingly good considering the large numbers of people stomping on, and anchors dragging along, the reef. Varied marine life including sea fans, colourful clams, small rock cod. Good visibility.)

Book report

The skipper read:

*The story of sushi : Trevor Corson (4.5 stars) – Training to be a sushi chef in LA and the history of sushi intermingled in the story.
*American psycho : Bret Easton Ellis (3 stars) – Gratuitous killing and torturing of women, men, children and animals by an annoying NY investment banker. Not what you would call a light-hearted read.

The first mate read:

*Tales of ordinary madness : Charles Bukowski (1 star) – Beat generation bleating. Pathetic.
*The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest : Stieg Larsson (2 stars) – Thank goodness this is the last book in the series. One thousand, seven hundred and forty two pages of women throwing themselves at Mikael, coffee drinking and fancy computer-ing are enough.
*Thinking to some purpose : L Susan Stebbing (2 stars) – Dated somewhat but interesting in parts.
*Housekeeping : Marilynne Robinson (3.5 stars) – Beautiful. Haunting. Like floating through a cemetery.
*Pilate’s wife : Antoinette May (3 stars) – Interesting. Calming. Sad.