june 2011: malaysia / indonesia

KL airport. In transit to Langkawi. 14 hours after leaving Burleigh. Willow had "good baby" comments thrown at her all day. But where was the "good baby" one hour out from KL when we were walking the aisles with her?
Willow's first morning on board. Watching the sunrise from Zinc's back step. A great way to start a day.
Waiting with Aunty Toya for the ferry to town.
Random Starbucks employee.
Random Indian family at the pool bar celebrating a birthday passing Willow around for cuddles and pinches on the cheek.
Bath time on the boat. By the time we left Malaysia, Willow needed a bigger bucket.
Lounging at the house of delicious baked goods.
10 minutes into our first sail as a family.
The spinnaker. Our second favourite sail.
Willow learning to distinguish the tack from the clew from the head.
Rolling in ropes.
Swimming lesson off the back steps. Dale wants to be able to throw Willow off the front of Zinc and for her to be able to swim/drift to the back steps and hold on by the time she is 12 months. Even the tiger mother thinks that this goal is not achievable.
At the lake of the pregnant maiden.
With Nana and Pa at the Rebak pool.
Meeting the towel swan on Nana and Pa's bed at Rebak resort.
Playing with Nana. Eating sand. Time to start solids.
Us on Zinc in her berth at Rebak marina.
Excited about going to Indonesia.
Willow meeting the gang at "Pleasure losman": Alan, Fran, (little) Jeunesse, Laudia, Mamma Fran.
Swimming in the shallows at Nias.
Willow in the clutches of Mrs Massage; who remains certain Willow is a boy.
Entertainment at Gunang Sitoli airport. Our plane left 19.5 hours late.
More entertainment at Gunang Sitoli airport.
After two days of training at the KL airport hotel pool the holding on skill still needs more work.