february & march 2011: australia

Willow: weeks 2 – 8

Loving the shower (eight weeks)

Roman warrior (two weeks)

First swim (four weeks)

Comfy (six weeks)

Laughs (seven weeks)

With cousin Jaz and baby-doll "Warren" (six weeks)

Loving the new swing... (two weeks)

Burleigh sunrise (six weeks)

Tummy time with big sister Sushi (eight weeks)

The ex-parasite stole the skipper's hair... (two weeks)

Dominating at Currumbin (four weeks)

First park session (five weeks)

Cuddles (three weeks)

Snuggles (seven weeks)

Watched over by fluffy friends (six weeks)

Chatting with great-little-nana (six weeks)

Camping in the portacot (five weeks)

Realising big sister Sushi exists (three weeks)

Forced by mum to do artwork on thank you cards (seven weeks)

Prepping for second plane journey (six weeks)