april 2013: singapore / thailand / indonesia

We’re back. Again. 2012 was an interesting albeit irregular year for us: We lived in marinas and anchorages in Malaysia and Thailand. We lived in Spain. We weekend escaped in Europe. We squatted with family in Australia. The year ended with us having sailed far less than we’d planned, and not very far at all, in fact.

So. 2013. Take two. In April, we flew from Australia to Thailand, via Singapore. We painted anti-foul on Zinc. We sailed from Thailand to Indonesia.


SURFING. I could not bear another stopover in Kuala Lumpur — riding the hotel carts and doing an airport photo shoot — so I lobbied for a stopover in Singapore instead. My proposal was successful, and in accordance with the terms of the final agreement, we visited the Wave House Sentosa. But lightening struck again, and Dale’s session on the flow barrel was terminated due to electrical storms in the Malacca Straits. Oh well. Here’s how Dale went in the 20 minutes he rode before the storms rolled through.








LIFE. Home sweet home.


…Dale confirmed that Zinc has the best looking engines in SE Asia.


…Willow did a spot of fishing off the dock.


…We threw water to celebrate Songkran.


…We played a round of golf.


…And we sailed around Phuket on a shake down cruise.



…All was good to go. We just needed a bit of paint. Nail polish (yellow and pink) on Willow’s fingers and toes.


…And anti-foul (black) on Zinc’s hulls.



SAILING. Well, motor-sailing to be precise. The passage across the Malacca Straits from Phuket (Ao Chalong) to Pulau Weh (Sabang) is 221 nautical miles (409 kilometers for you non-nautical types). It took us 38 hours. We left mid-afternoon on a Thursday and dropped anchor on the other side of the Straits just before sunrise that Saturday. The weather was fair, and surprisingly, there weren’t many supertankers or tree trunks for us to dodge along the way. It was a dream run, literally for me, because thanks to Dale and our trusty crew member, Dan, I slept through the nights. I didn’t have to do a night watch, not even one; day watches were Willow and my thing.

…Check out the sense of adventure on these faces… Ha!



CREW. Now Willow is on board, we’ve decided to find (whenever possible) an extra person to travel with us on longer passages, mainly to be an additional set of eyes and hands to help out as needed. Dan was the first of these lucky punters. He met us in Phuket. We were curious about how it would be to live with a complete stranger in close confines. (Remember: as far as living spaces go, Zinc is tiny. She is 12m long and 6.5m wide, which is about the average size of a cruising boat, but also about the average size of the lounge/dining area in an Australian home.) Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised. Dan was a pleasure to have on board. He set the bar high. We think he enjoyed his time on Zinc. He didn’t jump off at the first place he could have…



LIFE. On Willow’s Ark at sea:






BOAT KID. I read somewhere that boredom is good for kids. It teaches them that life isn’t always entertaining, and that they won’t always be the center of attention. In any case, we have over 80 books on board for Willow. She has no reason to be bored.Passage8sml


LIFE. Clean, clear water.


…(These divers are 17 meters below Zinc.)


…A rusty playground.


…Hired help to push the princess.


…Playmates on the shore.


3 thoughts on “april 2013: singapore / thailand / indonesia

  1. Hey GREAT legs! opening shot. Amusing and interesting as always, you set a pretty hight bar yourself.

    Congrats on keeping Willows skin so untanned – quite an accomplishment with your lifestyle.

    Very sorry to have missed you while you were in Burl.. was a double booked 3 times over w/e and I messed up a few.

    Will be over in Thai (Bangkok) briefly next month for a few days (work) but imagine you’ll be nowhere near thereabouts.

    Looking forward to the next update already.

    Have a great mothers day Sunday.. I love them for all sorts of reasons.. the power alone to have tidy bedrooms just for a day keeps me going for another 12 months.

    Going to Syd/Canb next w/e for Mats unofficial engagement/farewell – he’s off to chase pirates over in the gulf leaving Aug for 6 months – cant believe they allow a 27yr old to be 3rd in charge of a 1bil warship when he cant even find his socks.. (Ohh god – me a mother-in-law to be) Michelle finishes up next week working for the gov general who is hosting a cocktail party for them (ostensibly/officially a leaving party) at Gov house – should be interresting – nothing to wear of course. She’s had a brill year with her, since xmas she’s been to Antartica, Korea, Hawaii/US and Canada and hung out with Hugh Jackman – not that I’m a name dropper but apparently he is a genuinely nice guy – did you see his last movie.. rather good, not sure I would have been up for it had I known it would be 2.5hrs long – usually snore off in any movie starting after 7pm and wake just as the credits roll.

    Bugger its that time of night already


    x K

  2. Ahoy Dale, jeunesse and Willow!!! I am just about to depart phuket for sumatra, waiting for the weather window! Your time aboard sound winderful, I hope that we have a good trip as well? All the best from Keith in Ao Charong

    ps, have new hypalon tubes on the aquapro dingy and a new 9.8 hp tohatsu, loverly!!!!

  3. Hi Dale and family
    Great site and photo’s. I met you at Boat lagoon the day you picked Dan up. We were just buying our boat a Jeanneau Sun Odyessy.
    We have spent the season here in Phuket and Malaysia and are interested in going down to Sumatra and beyond. Would be grateful for any info about that trip.
    Cheers Dave and Gloria – Adelaide/Pt Lincoln
    SY Verve

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